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Simple Solutions for Selling Your Home 

It can take more than 80 days on average to sell your home with the traditional on-market method. This requires you to find an agent, do costly repairs, list and market your home, and go through the frustrating escrow process. And, at the end of the day, you could dump as much as 10% of the home’s final price into closing costs and real estate agent fees. It doesn’t have to be this complicated!


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Line up a close date that works best for your needs. Avoid double-moves and double-mortgages. On your terms.

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Why Homeowners Sell with Trade-in Real Estate

Need to Sell Fast

Avoid Costly Repairs

Inherited Property

Bad Renters

Sudden Life Change

Financial Troubles

What Sellers Are Saying

The Trade-In Model

Cash Offer in 1 day

No listings or showings

Skip the repair work

Choose your close date

Guaranteed sale

Ready for a Hassle Free Sale?


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Traditional On-Market

X    +/- 10% Costs/Fees

X    Risk of finance fall-through

X    Cost of repairs

X    Countless home showings

X    Uncertain closing timeline

Property Investor

X    Slow, long process

X    Tons of back and forth

X    Low-ball offers

X    Needs financing

X    Can back out at any time